La Motte introduces Curated Wine Tasting Experience

La Motte - La Motte introduces Curated Wine Tasting Experience

La Motte Wine Estate enjoys international acclaim for its innovative wine tourism offering and with the introduction of a Curated Wine Tasting Experience, guests are now invited to a special wine tasting every day from Monday to Friday. The Curated Wine Tasting Experience encourage guests to explore their passion for wine or to indulge in an exclusive and tailored wine tasting experience.

Varietal Glass-Specific Tasting

A new addition to the estate’s wine tasting line-up comes in the form of a Varietal-specific tasting. Hosted by one of the knowledgeable La Motte Wine Tasting Ambassadors, guest will be seated in a private wine tasting area and guided through an informative tasting, showcasing varietal characteristics at its best.

Taste five La Motte wines, comparing each varietal between a control glass and the varietal-specific Riedel stemware, specifically designed to best express the characteristics, bouquet and flavours of the specific grape variety.

The Varietal glass-specific tasting is presented on Mondays and Wednesdays at 10:30.

Cost: R250 per person

Reservations are essential and have to be made online at least 24 hours in advance.

Vinoteque Tasting

La Motte’s Vinoteque Tasting gives wine lovers and those who enjoy older vintages, the unique opportunity of tasting well-matured wines, aged in near to perfect conditions in the estate Vinoteque. Hosted in an exclusive wine tasting area, guests can explore the history and evolution of La Motte wines at the hand of this innovative and informative session, presented by one of the estate’s passionate Wine Tasting Ambassadors.

The Vinoteque tasting is presented on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10:30

Cost: R250

Reservations are essential and have to be made online at least 24 hours in advance.

 Wine & Food Tasting

One of the major motivations for La Motte having been announced the Drinks International Best Wine and Food Matching Experience for an unprecedented five times, is the La Motte Wine & Food Tasting.  This remarkable pairing of five La Motte wines with five tastings of cuisine by the Pierneef à La Motte Kitchen is educational and entertaining.  The food is presented as a modern interpretation of authentic South African heritage cuisine and the exceptional wine pairings are the result of Chef Eric Bulpitt’s close cooperation with Cellarmaster Edmund Terblanche.

Presented by a Wine Tasting Ambassador in the elegant Pierneef à La Motte Restaurant, the delicately plated tasters still represent everyday flavours and tastes, aiming at guiding guide guests towards more reliable future food and wine selections.

The La Motte Wine & Food Tasting is presented on Fridays at 10:30

Cost: R325

Reservations are essential and have to be made online at least 24 hours in advance.

Current Vintage Tasting / Groups / Cellar Tours

Current Vintage Tastings hosted in the elegant Wine Tasting Room, share the latest vintage releases of the La Motte as well as Pierneef wine collections. Guests also have the option to try the estate’s limited releases such as the acclaimed Hanneli R, the delightful La Motte Méthode Classique and Straw wine made from Viognier.

The La Motte Current Vintage Tasting is available from Monday to Saturday, 09:00 – 17:00

Reservations are recommended, but not essential. Contact the La Motte Tasting Room for group bookings or cellar tours. T 021 876 8820 or E

Cost per person:

Current Vintage Tasting: R60

Cellar Tour: R50

Group Tastings:  R70

Limited Release Tasting (3 wines): R120 / Only Hanneli R: R80 / Only La Motte MCC: R30 / Only La Motte Straw wine: R30Read more