Proud Moments & Recent Accolades

Hollywood isn’t the only industry with an award season … Every year, as spring arrives in the Cape, the wine industry’s most notable competitions and Masters of Wine announce their annual picks for must-drink wines, and outstanding winery experiences.

While our wines have enjoyed continual success, we believe the real reward is in the enjoyment of the drinker. This year however, our wines have achieved some personal bests and Haute Cabrière was named amongst the Top 100 World’s Best Vineyards – so we’re taking a moment to show our team just how proud of them we are!

“Our spirited cellar team works hard to ensure that quality craftsmanship from vine to glass is always at the forefront,” comments Cellar Master, Takuan von Arnim. “I am enormously proud of all we have achieved as a team, and look forward to what the future for our wine estate holds!”

World's Best Vineyards

Not only do we seek to create remarkable wines for life’s moments, but also to create memories for our guests through our on estate experiences. From our restaurant to our wine tasting, bakery, cellar tours, sense of family, and the art of sabrage, Haute Cabrière is a place for people to come together over a glass of wine.

The World’s Best Vineyards seeks to find the very best wineries to visit from around the globe. Each year, 600 global wine and travel experts put together a list showcasing the Top 100 wineries to visit internationally. This year saw 10 South African wineries make the list, and we are thrilled to be one of them!

To be rated on an international level amongst the best in the world is a dream come true, and we are honoured to be amongst legends. View the winners on their website to find more extraordinary places to visit!