Diemersdal Estate

Diemersdal is a sixth-generation family-owned wine estate in Durbanville which falls within South Africa’s Cape Town Wine of Origin district, the country’s newest and most prominent wine appellation. Sauvignon Blanc has been the focus for the past two decades as a result of current owner and sixth generation wine maker Thys Louw’s knowledge of and belief in this white wine variety. This cultivar has proven to be the most successful among South African consumers and Thys’s aim is to prove that the country is capable of producing Sauvignon Blancs capable of competing with the best in the world.

12 05 2016
Diemersdal Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot
Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot are two of the world's most popular premium red wine grapes, and on Diemersdal they have flourished for over three decades in our dryland vineyards with their close proximity to the Atlantic Ocean.

The Journal

12 05 2016
Diemersdal The Journal Sauvignon Blanc
The supreme quality and craftsmanship of this flagship range, is the result of Diemersdal's knowledge handed down from previous generations of the Louw family of wine farmers. The 2019, maiden vintage, Journal Sauvignon Blanc, is produced from selected grapes from a single vineyard, planted with vines of between 28 and 38 years old.
12 05 2016
Diemersdal The Journal Cabernet Sauvignon
The Journal represents the ultimate expression of Diemersdal's terroir and knowledge gained through six generations of grape growing. The Cabernet Sauvignon is no exception, with 22 months of aging in new 225L French oak barrels. A special barrel selection is then made for the final bottling of this flagship wine.

Diemersdal Reserve

12 05 2016
Diemersdal Sauvignon Blanc Reserve
This focused and refined wine is made from the highest vineyard block on the Diemersdal Estate, where Table Mountain and False Bay can be seen. Gentle slopes are exposed to the Atlantic Ocean, resulting in the vineyards being influenced by cool air flows and morning mists. Hand harvesting of limited fruit volumes, ensures true varietal expression of Diemersdal's dryland farmed, Sauvignon Blanc Reserve.
12 05 2016
Diemersdal Winter Ferment Sauvignon Blanc
Diemersdal pushes the boundries with this innovative style of Sauvignon Blanc. After the harvest, the grape juice was frozen to -20˚C for five months. After thawing, fermentation took place in the heart of the Cape winter, producing a uniquely tropical style of Sauvignon Blanc. The primary feature is the high occurrence of thiol compounds, which gives Sauvignon Blanc the passion fruit and gooseberry flavours, made famous in New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs.
12 05 2016
Diemersdal Eight Rows Sauvignon Blanc
The origins of the Eight Rows goes back to 2005. This legendary wine, was the first made by Thys Louw after joining father Tienie on the Diemersdal Estate. The fledgling winemaker was given access to eight rows of vines within a premium Sauvignon Blanc vineyard. The vines offer intensely flavoured fruit, resulting in wines with elegance, character and structure. Quality of fruit and the talent of the winemaker led to a captivating wine and today, is still made from those first eight rows.
12 05 2016
Diemersdal Wild Horseshoe Sauvignon Blanc
The Wild Horseshoe Sauvignon Blanc, gets its name from the hundreds of old horseshoes found in the Diemersdal vineyards throughout the years. Vineyard work was done manually, with the help of horses, until the 1930s. Today the horseshoes hang in the cellar to capture good luck. The word ‘wild’ in the name doesn’t refer to the horses, but to the fact that wild, spontaneous fermentation is part of the unique character of this skin-fermented Sauvignon Blanc.
12 05 2016
Diemersdal Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc
A life-long obsession with the Sauvignon Blanc grape led to Thys Louw to express his commitment to this variety internationally. The Diemersdal Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc was made in conjunction with Ben Glover Family Vineyards. Marlborough lies on the north-eastern side of New Zealand's South Island and is renowned for producing stunning pungent world class Sauvignon Blancs, of power, finesse and vibrancy.
12 05 2016
Diemersdal Pinotage Reserve
Pinotage, South Africa's most famous home grown grape variety, is well suited to the Durbanville region. The cool, coastal climate bringing a ream of fresh complexity to this much loved signature wine. One of Diemersdal steallar and stalwart red wines, it represents a cherised part of the Louw family's winemaking heritage. Half of this wine is crafted from grapes, derived from the oldest block of dryland bush vine Pinotage on the estate.
12 05 2016
Diemersdal Private Collection
This classic Bordeaux-style red wine was the first wine to be made on the Diemersdal Estate. Crafted from all five Bordeaux varieties, with Cabernet Sauvignon forming half of the blend, with the balance being made up of Merlot, Petit Verdot, Cabernet Franc and Malbec. Fruit from selected sites planted to the terroir most suited to each variety is used and blended to form a perfect whole, resulting in a singular expression of excellence and superb quality. 18 months oak maturation in 25% new 225L French oak barrels.


12 05 2016
Diemersdal Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc
Diemersdal Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc is bursting with notes of gooseberry, passion fruit, fresh citrus, and lime. The palate is vibrant, clean and crisp, with a lingering sparkle and refreshing mouth feel. Harvested at bracing ripeness, the grapes are crushed and the juice fermented before being sparged with carbon dioxide adding millions of playful bubbles. The result is a zesty, refreshing sparkling wine exuding generous Sauvignon Blanc character for which Diemersdal has become renowned.
12 05 2016
Diemersdal Sauvignon Blanc
A wine showing the true diversity of Durbanville terrior in one seamless blend. Blended from ten different Sauvignon Blanc vineyard blocks, varying in age, clones and site. The grapes were night harvested at different stages of ripeness, with the blocks harvested and vinified seperately. This wine typifies the Sauvignon Blanc grape and is expressed by a winery committed to the variety.
12 05 2016
Diemersdal Chardonnay Unwooded
For those whom are averse to rich, buttery, wooded styles of Chardonnay. This classic white grape varietal is made in an a modern, unwooded style that highlights its fresh and fruity flavours. Diemersdal harvested the grapes at night, at an optimum ripeness to obtain grapes full of varietal character.
12 05 2016
Diemersdal Sauvignon Rosé
This rosé represents the meeting of the parent and the sibling, namely Sauvignon Blanc which is one of the two varieties from which Cabernet Sauvignon was created. This unique coral-hued rosé, is a blend of predominately Sauvignon Blanc - made in a traditionally reductive style - and fresh Cabernet Sauvignon, added three weeks before bottling.
12 05 2016
Diemersdal Merlot
Merlot, one of the most popular red grape varietals, orginating in the Bordeaux region of France, finds expression in blends and as a single varietal in many countries around the globe, including South Africa. Six generations of Louws have made wine on the Diemersdal Estate in Durbanville, for over three centuries with each generation crafting their art with skill and passion. The classically styled Merlot is no exception, benefitting from 12 - 16 months oak maturation in French oak barrels.
12 05 2016
Diemersdal Shiraz
Diemersdal blends the old and new worlds of winemaking, in pursuit of expressive wines that allow the rich diversity of the terroir to shine. Traditional open fermenters are used to enhance the natural flavours and soften the tannins of the Shiraz, which matures for 12 months in carefully selected 225L French oak barrels.
12 05 2016
Diemersdal Pinotage
This wine shows a complex nose of red fruits, vanilla, exotic spices, and rich dark chocolate aromas. The palate is full flavoured and smoothly textured with oriental spice, chocolate and roasted banana flavours.