Pierre Jourdan

Pierre Jourdan finds its home at Haute Cabriere estate. Following French tradition, this Cap Classique range is named after the original French Huguenot founder, Pierre Jourdan. The fundamental wine growing philosophy of “sun, soil, vine, man” still revolves around the perfect harmony of nature’s elements coming together to create magic with man playing only the role of a respectful conductor in creating a sum that’s bigger than its parts. 

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Pierre Jourdan Belle Rose

The Belle Rose is so named on the insistence of Cellarmaster Takuan von Arnim's Grandmother who admired its beautiful rose-like colour. The Pinot Noir grapes are handled gently so as not to gain too much colour, but still leaving just the right amount of fruit, creating a delicate richness.  A fine mix of berries on the nose followed by a rich, lingering palate.

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Pierre Jourdan Brut

Style distinguishes the famous Champagne Houses of France. Chardonnay and Pinot Noir determine the style: Chardonnay contributes elegance, Pinot Noir intensity and richness. The “lime” characteristics of the Chardonnay are leading and are well backed by the complexity of Pinot Noir.

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Pierre Jourdan Tranquille

This is a gentle elegant wine with a fragrant bouquet, fine fruit and a dry finish. Its low alcohol makes this an ideal companion for a hot summer’s day or a lunch time meal.

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Pierre Jourdan Ratafia

Ratafia is a fun drink, packed with rich honey flavours. The taste is delicate and enticing. The nose a melange of tropical flavours. As aperitif or with starters: Liver, scallops and escargots. With decadent desserts it is a delicious digestif.

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Pierre Jourdan Blanc de Blancs

Crisp, citrus characteristics of the Chardonnay which is supported by the fine Argonne oak and the time maturing on the lees. This creates a lovely fresh greenish hue and an amazing creaminess to the fi ne mousse.