Terra Del Capo

Anthonij Rupert had an abiding affection for Italy, particularly its wines and food. This combination and its contribution to a well-balanced lifestyle informed this range. Rupert was convinced that South African soils could also express Italian grape varieties in a unique, sympathetic fashion.

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Terra Del Capo Pinot Grigio
This wine has a brilliant, diamond bright attractive colour. Peach, nectarine and stone fruit with a light brush of dust on the nose. The palate is light, vibrant and succulent, packed with the same peach, nectarine and stone fruit flavours. Easy to drink with a subtle lemon zest vivacity and acidic freshness.
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Terra Del Capo Sangiovese
It's thanks to the Italian grape variety Sangiovese that Chianti rose to great heights of popularity in Tuscany. This Cape expression captures all the intrinsic untamed fruit and spice that goes so well with Italian food.
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Terra Del Capo Arné
Terra Del Capo welcomes the Arné to its range. The Arné was produced in the Cape in homage to the late Anthonij Rupert and his passion to bring the finest Italian varietals to South African soils, with three distinctly Italian wines. It is a unique wine made by co fermenting Merlot and Sangiovese grapes in the classic Italian style. The Wine is named after a famous Mountaineer Arné Naess, who was a close friend of Mr. Rupert. Arné is thus a very unique wine made in the spirit of celebrating adventure and friendship.